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Car signs, Truck graphics, Truck branding, Fleet signage. Let your brand drive around town. At Fabreko we can help you to move your brand from town to town or even across borders. High Quality Vehicle branding is a unique way of advertsing and generating leads. Take advantage of our service and create a strong brand presence for your business.Coupled with our high-quality full-colour window graphics you can create a stunning visual entrance to your business or retail premises that will attract passers-by and advertise your services. Whether you have a fleet or a single car, we have a range of options to convert your next commute or call-out into a marketing campaign. Vehicle signage is the most cost-effective form of outdoor advertising,giving you a mobile billboard for your business.

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Vehicle Branding in Nairobi

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Vehicle branding in Nairobi, Kenya

Car Stickers - Advertise Your Business With Car Stickers in Nairobi

Funny or interesting, bumper stickers are always eye catching, giving you something to look at as you sit in traffic. What if one of those stickers was advertising your business? Printing Car stickers could easily get your company noticed, as there are over four million people living in (and driving around) the city. A bumper sticker is an excellent advertisement that will be sure to get you some new customers. Perfect on cars, windows, poles, and buildings or anywhere else outside, Bumper stickers are extremely durable for all weather conditions and they can last for up to 2 years.Our custom bumper stickers are the perfect addition to any business looking to get their name out there. Find out how promotional products have changed the way brands are represented.

Fleet Branding Nairobi

Turn heads and profits with fleet vehicle wraps.

Increase brand quality and awareness, our team can transform your fleet into cost-effective media assets. Transform your company’s vehicles into powerful advertising tools that can be seen by thousands of people each day and night.Increase exposure by using fleet signage. Promote your brand through professional and eye-capturing vehicle signage and wrapping, we manufacture the best vehicle signage solutions.Signage on cars allows your advertising message to be continuously exposed to other road users and pedestrians around a busy city.Use your vehicle as a mobile billboard and protect your vehicle from minor scratches.

Trucks Branding

It is important for consumers to know that the people and services that they call out are the ones that show up at their homes. One of the best ways to do this is to mark all of your company vehicles with fleet signs.

Leave a lasting & positive impression. Whether it is for a commercial promotion for your cars or trucks stand out from the rest by using unique designs that deliver a clear message for potential customers to easily remember. Stand out with spectacular graphics & truck and bus wraps in Nairobi. It’s an opportunity to promote your business and boost your brand awareness 24/7, 365 days a year.Target customers by signwriting your company vehicles.We take pride in the branding and signage we apply for business fleets.

Bus Branding

Bus Advertising in Nairobi.

One of the most utilised forms of public transport in the Kenya, it's easy to see why advertising on buses in Nairobi is employed by a range of advertisers from a diverse range of industries; it has a proven track record of success and there are a variety of options to consider. For more information and free quotes simply drop us a message today and we will be in touch.The wrap covers and protects the vehicle’s original paint work. Put your best foot forward with eye catching vehicle signage, from simple designs to full wraps.Stand out from the crowd with Fleet Branding. We can provide vinyl cut, digital graphics and full car wrapping service.